Keeping up with the celebration of 10 years of the financial institution in the country, “HSBC Gala Lírica – As Heroínas de Carlos Gomes” (HSBC Gala Lyric Concert – The Heroines of Carlos Gomes) was performed in 2007 in honor of the most important Brazilian opera composer.

Valuing his great work and the importance of the female figure in his works, the arias of the operas Il Guarany, Tosca, Salvator Rosa, Maria Tudor, Lo Schiavo, Condor (Odálea) and Colombo were performed at Teatro Amazonas, in Manaus.

The songs were played by soloists Celine Imbert, Claudia Riccitelli, Eiko Senda and Edna D’Oliveira. The concert featured the artistic direction of Sérgio Casoy and the regency of maestro Luiz Fernando Malheiro, from Amazonas Orchestra.






1 concert performed

78 artists engaged in

+ 1,000 audience

HSBC Gala Lírica